Celebrating the start of the new decade with kids at the SRM Academy for the Blind

At Credy, we had a company outing due for a while. Instead of a more traditional trip outing, recently we decided to spend New Year at Shree Ramana Maharishi Academy for Blind in Bangalore. We wanted to give whatever little happiness we could to these kids at the facility on the occasion of New Year.

(SRMAB) accommodates around 150 differently-abled kids who are partially, fully blind kids and kids with multiple disabilities. They provide free education, food, and accommodation for these kids. 


Go green!

The first activity we had on the premises was repotting the plants. The Academy has a nursery with around 200 pots with different kinds of plants. Our job was to fill the pots with a fresh batch of soil. We divided into groups where the first group managed the mixing of soil and fertilizers, the second group found the pots that had to be filled, the third group did the repotting and the last team reorganised the repotted plants. We completed the task in less than two hours and thoroughly enjoyed doing the task as a team. 


These pots later are used by the kids to sell it to different companies nearby and use the money for their expenses.

Time for a delightful lunch!

The second activity we had was serving food to the kids on the premises. The bell was rung at 12:45 PM and the kids slowly came out of their rooms and assembled in the dining hall with the plates in their hands. All the kids sat obediently in rows and said a prayer before the food was served. We had one team serving tomato rice, the other sweets, and then one of them was serving rice, rasam and sambar and the other chutney and buttermilk. We felt immense joy in serving food to the kids and they politely communicated what food they liked and what they didn’t.


Post serving lunch to the kids at the facility, we had our lunch there as one among them. 

Let’s make the world litter-free, one step at a time!

The third activity was cleaning of the sports room and the Braille library. We divided into 2 teams and one team took care of cleaning the sports room where we were supposed to re-arrange the room which had a lot of equipment, clothes, shoes, and trophies. The other team cleaned the library by rearranging the books in the order it was meant to be.

The final activity was litter picking. We again divided into 3 teams to cover the entire premises. This activity helped us realize how much we litter and its consequences. We found layers and layers of plastics all around the premises. We picked 3 full bags of plastic around the campus – and used the opportunity to educate the kids on the importance of not littering and its consequences.


What lights up a kid’s face? Of course, chocolates!


We wrapped up the day by distributing chocolates to the kids. The gentle smiles on their faces made us realize how even small gestures can make anyone happy.

It made our day all the more memorable when we saw how happy the kids were and the way they welcomed us with warm gestures. We were glad to start a New Year and a new decade on a positive note.

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