Profile Feature: Credy Champion Krisha!


Journey before Credy

I started off my career with a corporate job. As part of my regular work there, I developed data-visualization based interactive websites/web-apps for financial institutes and energy companies. I always had a penchant for innovation through work which led me to get introduced to the startup community. Eventually, I got an opportunity to work for an early stage startup which was based on hyperlocal shopping. I was the first person to join there, after the founders and hence, got many opportunities to learn in couple of years.

How did Credy happen?

I was looking for a more challenging role with exposure to many more aspects of a startup and Credy being a Fintech intrigued me. I came to know about it through  Angellist.

Interview experience with Credy

There were two rounds of interview followed by a programming assignment and further individual conversations with the founders – all of this took around 10 days. Overall it was good as I got to know about the company and work in detail.

Thoughts before joining Credy?

The very first thing I observed at Credy was the smooth blend of startup dynamics and professionalism. I had mixed thoughts during the interview but eventually, I liked the process. I was quite impressed by the technology products they had developed to support the lifecycle of a loan, and all of that in just about a year or so.

I received two offers on the same day – one from Credy and another from a security-based bigger startup. But my clear choice was Credy for I knew that I would be working with a great team, plus I would get to work for a Fintech which is interesting.

First Day at Credy

Was great! After the joining formalities were complete, I went on to learn about the projects, understand my core responsibilities, know teammates, set up my machine and observe the culture around.

The learning curve at Credy

Every project I have worked on so far has been unique. The work culture here encourages us to have an end-to-end understanding of the business, constantly improve our skills and innovate through it. I’ve had good learning while working on the project in which we built an SDK for our partners to offer a seamless integration of Credy’s loan application process on their platforms. It was a direct client facing project and offered multiple opportunities to learn.

Experience at Credy

One of the experiences worth noting is that even the simplest of my ideas or suggestions are respected. Also, everything I work on has an impact on business and that enables me to handle any project with a good sense of responsibility.

Most interesting project?

The social login/signup project. At first, it looked simple but as we dived into the implementation, some unidentified scenarios popped up and the logic had to be revamped to accommodate our criteria of customers. We did rigorous validation of all possible cases and the end result was good. Our customer base multiplied many folds after the feature went live. I am thankful for the efforts put by my teammate Ranvir to make it a success.

Funny moment at work

For testing or debugging my code, sometimes I add funny logs and later remove before pushing the code. Logs like “Yay”, “No way”, “I’m here Broh!”, “I’m sane” is a common sight there. 🙂

The first job you ever held at Credy

My first job here was to optimize the loan application form for the web-app. The goal was to reduce customer interactions and enhance user experience to improve customer acquisition.

The best co-worker with whom you enjoyed working and why

Everyone at Credy is talented, I believe. I particularly enjoyed working with our customer support executives while building the CredyBot. Their insights and experiences about their interactions with customers were worth listening. We worked on the suggestions given by them to implement a smarter algorithm for the Bot.

One of the perks of my job is…?

I get to learn about credit and finances on a regular basis, despite being in a technology role.

The favorite part of my work is…?

Solving engineering issues raised by the customer support team. The thought of being able to contribute my small bits to build a company that offers great services – makes it the favorite part of my work.

Another favorite is writing clean, reusable code. Not that I am perfect at it, but with every next project, I try to code better and really enjoy doing it. (I am also somewhat guilty of refactoring the code secretly! 😛 )