Profile Feature : Data Warrior Kshitij!

It’s funny and surprising how life is made up of little moments which go on to make the bigger picture, the story of our life. So let’s talk about my story.

Kshitij pic

Journey before Credy

Right after completing my graduation in 2016, I landed at Goldman Sachs as an Analyst in the market risk modelling team. Being my first foray into the corporate world, everyday was full of new experiences. The thing I liked the most was, despite the fact that the whole environment at Goldman Sachs was performance driven and fast-paced, a culture of sharing information and growing together was promoted. I learned a great deal about statistical modelling from my brilliant and hardworking seniors in the team. In fact, that is how I came to know Abhash (CTO, Credy) who told me about the opportunity at Credy.

Thoughts before joining Credy

To be completely honest, joining Credy was not an easy decision. On one hand, there was the lure of a stable corporate environment and on the other, an unknown environment that demanded me to move out of my comfort zone. Ultimately, the idea of working for an early-stage start-up trumped everything else. I felt every action of mine will be playing a vital role towards the long term success or failure of the business and that motivated me to join Credy.

Learning curve in Credy

Learning opportunities are a constant in life and Credy is no different. Despite the breakneck speed at which the work takes place here, people here are always willing to help if you ask. Personally, I love understanding the nitty-gritties of all parts of the business operation either through constant interactions with the founders or projects spanning the different aspects of the business. So far, I have worked on automating the loan underwriting process, generating portfolio metrics for the executive team and building collection scorecards for the operations team. It feels like putting a different hat at work everyday and hence, the excitement levels never die down.

Journey/Experience in Credy?

One of the important constituents of a memorable journey are the people you undertake that journey with. At Credy, I am surrounded by a fantastic group of people don’t come across as your normal co-workers. They are more like friends working together towards a greater goal together. The culture here is quite open and transparent and I feel that my opinions and suggestions are valued in every discussion regardless of the business aspect it pertains to. How we learn to adapt in the constantly changing work environment here has also reflected a similar change in my personal life as well.

One of the perks of my job is: coming to work in casuals. Credy’s office is near to Koramangala and that allows me to slip into any party after work in the night 🙂

My favorite part of my work is: that everything I do here has a visible impact almost instantaneously. The knowledge of the fact that everyday we are helping in realizing numerous dreams come true gives me immense satisfaction.

My commute to work entails:  varies from having breakfast in the cab, taking a power nap to watching highlights of the Real Madrid / Federer match last night (Barcelona match also if they lost :P)

My Mantra in life: “Fall, Learn, Repeat”. I start out with a simpler solution to a problem, think on my feet if it doesn’t work and then try out different solutions till I get a satisfactory result.