Profile Feature : Credy Champion Sourav!

My Story


Journey before Credy:  

I was trying to gain admission in post-graduation when I got my first job in a payments start-up based out of Mumbai. Where I learnt how a server-client architecture works outside of university textbooks. Even though I was working on the Android app I was very interested in the backend side and never missed any opportunities to learn as much as possible. Then I picked up understanding in UI/UX, a little bit of designs. I learnt a lot of building and deploying Android apps and was eager to learn things like redis, nodejs given that we were using those to build our backend.

Later I moved to a mobile security start-up based out of Bangalore as I was getting an opportunity to work as a Backend engineer with a very small and smart tech team. This is where I started learning backend integrations, building APIs, adding to the existing architecture. Given the people in the team were really connected with different start-up, developer communities this is where I also got to meet different people and know a lot of different things about start-up’s outside development as well. 

Unfortunately, all good stories come to an end and I had to leave for my hometown because of some personal reasons for a few months. The next one year I tried working remotely as well as in some other companies however I was disappointed mostly with the quality of work I was doing and hence decided to look for something better.  This is when I came in contact with Harshit, and eventually, Credy happened 🙂

Journey/Experience in Credy:  

I joined Credy right at its beginning thinking, this might be a place of learning and I was absolutely right. I have seen it growing from zero to the level it is today. The environment here is always very encouraging and I have learnt so many new things which I did not experience earlier professionally. The thing which I liked most in my peers is the motivation level they have. From the founders to the interns I have learnt so much from everyone and hope this continues.

Learning in Credy:  

I have learnt so many new technical things, listing down few of them:

         We had to integrate with a lot of services and other organizations which were not very tech focussed. These integrations had a lot of undocumented things, unexpected behaviours and ambiguity. Understanding and correctly estimating these problems can only be done after experiencing these difficulties multiple times. While addressing these problems, my understanding has improved in authenticating HTTP requests with certificates, understanding the signing of certificates, expected data structures, etc.

         Apart from this I gained good knowledge in infrastructure related work and trying to automate things at as many levels as possible.

         Our attempts to keep the code structure clean and easy to understand has improved my ability to write better code immensely.

         Being a financial company, we faced issues in handling a large amount of data and structuring them, at the initial stage. To solve that we started with very simple relational structure and tried to improve that at different points in time, this has given me a bigger picture of database architecting.

While most of my learning is on the technical side increasing my knowledge I have learnt a lot about the finance domain outside development as well.



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