Profile Feature : Credy Champion Soumya!

My Story

Soumya 2

Journey before Credy:  

I started my career in finance by joining a leading Indian bank as a Credit Manager. Being new to the retail lending world, my first job gave me a solid foundation in understanding the retail lending process apart from helping me develop the basic soft skills which are equally important in the corporate world.

 Journey/Experience in Credy:  

I came across an interesting article about Credy on TechCrunch and was curious to know their working model and most importantly the collaboration with Y Combinator. I decided to drop an email to Harshit to enquire about a possible opportunity and as they say, the rest is history 🙂

I have been with Credy for the last 9 months and the journey so far has been phenomenal. The best part about working with Credy is the flexible & friendly work environment it offers. My co-workers are very friendly and are always there to help me out whenever required. There is an open channel of communication between the employees and the CEO, COO & CTO of the company and your suggestions will never go unheard.

Credy focuses on getting the work done on time rather than stressing on the number of hours physically spent in the office. This has helped me strike a good work-life balance and enabled me to pursue my personal hobbies as well.

Learning curve in Credy/Things you learnt working at Credy:  

Coming from a non-technical background, while building some of Credy’s fin-tech products, I have had to don the hat of a Product Manager right from product ideation phase until launch which has helped me learn the technical aspects of product development. By taking ownership of tasks outside my comfort level, I’ve been able to develop my problem-solving skills, creative skills, and organisational skills.

Another thing that has been exciting in my daily job at Credy is learning to use new reports, tools and data models to determine creditworthiness and financials of individuals. Insights from credit report agencies and fraud detection tools have helped simplify and expedite the decision-making process.

I was fortunate enough to see my ideas become a reality when Credy’s in-house LMS engine was designed for transforming the underwriting process. This, in turn, helped me look at the loan approval system at a macroscopic level. I’ve also taken additional responsibilities such as being the Content Manager for Credy’s weekly e-newsletters, helping the development team with UAT prior to a new product going live.

Credy has been the place where I could learn and understand the product development from scratch and my opinion and suggestions were always valued.



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