P2P Lending – Power to your money

People often ask us, “Why peer-to-peer lending, what are the advantages of it over traditional banking?”

    business with csr practice

This is a new paradigm in finance in India. Consider this : banks take deposits at low interest rates (7-10%) and lend capital to at higher rates (above 15%). This margin is used for operational expenses like salaries of large employee base, bank branches etc. Cready challenges this lending model by providing better rates of interest by removing intermediaries and automating the process of getting credit. It is a win-win-win. Borrowers are happy to borrow from a lender since they get lent at a rate lower than bank rates. We help in servicing a market where over 400 million people borrowed money in India in 2014, from which only 1 in 7 got a formal loan (source : Omdiyar Network). Lenders are happy since they get a higher return than from many traditional investments. As a smart investor, consider this : India’s consumer finance market is expected to grow to $1.2 trillion (source : Credit Suisse) by 2020.

As a borrower this is definitely a good opportunity for you to get access to capital, especially in a country where getting loans from banks is a big hassle. However, as a lender too, the opportunity of earning market beating returns is just too big to ignore.

Head over to our investor page to register as an investor and start earning market beating returns!


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